PNW Skydiving has the Newest and Safest Jump Plane in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest!
PNW Skydiving in Mulino is the only parachute center in the Pacific Northwest to utilize a Pacific Aerospace PAC750XL-XSTOL (Extreme Short Take-Off and Landing) airplane. The “PAC”, is the only aircraft in the world that has been specifically designed for skydiving. All other aircraft used for skydiving were originally designed for some other purpose. These other airplanes have been altered, reconfigured, changed and pushed outside of their original mission design parameters to be used in skydiving. While the majority of these other aircraft do a fine job of hauling jumpers, despite issues like constant maintenance of non-factory modifications, the PAC750XL has none of these issues.
Every aspect of the PAC750XL aircraft's design and configuration was tested and built at the factory. It was built specifically with the Skydiving mission as its primary mission. It is the perfect jump ship.  Come fly with us at PNW Skydiving. You’ll find that we do everything in a professional and safe way, starting with the best airplane. We’ll follow up with the best equipment in the industry across the board, excellent Instructors, experienced Pilots, and a welcoming and helpful support staff.