Accelerated Freefall (AFF) courses begin April 1st,  the program closes at the end of September.

The Skydiving and Training takes place at the Mulino State Airport which is 30 minutes from portland, every day that we operate.

AFF courses are comprised of 7 levels.  Each level builds upon the lessons learned in the previous one. For level I, II, and III you will take to the sky while two instructors exit the aircraft holding on to you and assist you during the freefall portion of the jump.  Once your parachute is open, you will make a solo canopy descent while being guided from the ground by an instructor using a radio. In the next four levels (Levels IV-VII) you will learn how to do turns, flips, forward movement, recovery from instability, and critical parachute skills. Upon successful completion of these levels, you will progress to more advanced maneuvers such as solo exits and front and back loops. Start preparing immediately by studying the USPA Skydivers Information Manual

Pacific Northwest Skydiving offers the AFF student progression program. The program is designed to make you a competent skydiver. You can find a lot of very useful information about student progression on the USPA website

AFF classes are held by reservation only.  We do our best to be flexible with scheduling.   

*To reserve a class call (503)759-4455.  Leave a detailed voicemail if nobody answers and we will call you back. Or, email with any questions.         



                                                $550 NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT COVERS FIRST JUMP COURSE AND JUMP LEVEL 1-2                                       


Must be 18 years old

Under 250 lbs 

In good health

You start your journey with a 5-hour ground school which takes place at the Dropzone. During ground school, you will learn the principles of skydiving, body position, aircraft procedures, the basics of canopy flight, and aircraft and parachute emergency procedures amongst much more. Once you’ve demonstrated a basic understanding of these principles it’s time to take your new skills and knowledge to the sky.

Your first skydives will be with two Instructors. They will guide you step - by - step through each of the jumps and skills you are practicing. You will learn stable free fall, altitude awareness, canopy skills, good decision making, and how to safely land and fly a parachute. You will also learn movement skills such as turns, flips, and forward movement. All of these skills are geared towards building a solid safe foundation.

AFF Pricing
$450 for Jumps 1 & 2 must be paid in full at the time of the First Jump Course
First Jump Course (4-5hr classroom) $100
AFF Levels 1 & 2 (Two Instructors) $450
AFF Level 3 (Two Instructors) $225
AFF Level 4 (One Instructor) $200
AFF Level 5 (One Instructor) $200
AFF Level 6 (One Instructor) $200
AFF Level 7 (One Instructor) $200


Required Coaching Jumps: 6 Categories -

After your AFF course, you will learn valuable skills geared towards preparing you to jump successfully with others. You will learn various techniques that will keep you safe when jumping with others. These skills will build your confidence and prepare you for the fun sport and family that you are joining.

Coaching Prices
Coaching Category Description   Price
Category 1 Tracking $135
Category 2 Forward Motion $135
Category 3 Fall Rate $135
Category 4 Docking $135
Category 5 Swoop to Dock $135
Category 6
2 hop-n-pop Jumps
$110 each
CHECK DIVE! Congratulations! $200

 Total Coaching Cost $1095
*Student (solos) towards your USPA A License  $65
*Student jumps include all equipment necessary to jump (Rig, Goggles, Altimeter, Helmet, Jumpsuit)