Pacific Northwest Skydiving Center Is The Closest Skydiving Center To Portland Oregon! 

Pacific Northwest Skydiving Center is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley just 30 minutes outside of Portland Oregon in the small hamlet of Mulino.

The owners of Pacific Northwest Skydiving Center bring over 35 years of skydiving experience to the table helping us create our vision of providing a family-friendly, fun and safe place for first time thrill seekers and experienced jumpers alike. Join us in the sky and become part of a thriving skydiving community and the Northwest's premier skydiving center.


A tandem skydive is the most common option for first time jumpers. In a tandem skydive, you'll be hooked at four points to a highly experienced professional skydiver. At Pacific Northwest Skydiving Center, every tandem instructor has thousands of jumps. This allows you to enjoy the skydive without the pressure of knowing how to open, steer, or land a parachute. A few minutes of instruction prior to boarding the plane is all you need for a safe, enjoyable skydive!